Seven-Course Breadth | L&S Advising (2024)

Guidelines for Seven-Course Breadth

As the foundation of a liberal arts education, breadth courses give students a view into the intellectual life of the University while introducing them to a multitude of perspectives and approaches to research and scholarship.

The requirement consists of seven distribution areas (expand below for descriptions of each breadth requirement):

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Arts and Literature

Knowledge and appreciation of the creative arts. Courses meeting this requirement involve significant engagement with arts, literature or language, either through critical study of works of art or through the creation of art.

Biological Science

An Introduction to the diversity of life on all scales (e.g., molecular genetics, structural biochemistry, ecosystems, and evolution). Courses that satisfy the Biological Sciences requirement use a combination of observation, hypothesis-driven data analysis and experimentation.

Historical Studies

Perspectives on the human condition and an appreciation of the origins and evolution of the numerous cultures and social orders that have populated the earth. Courses fulfilling this requirement deal primarily with the human events, institutions and activities of the past.

International Studies

An in-depth exploration of political, cultural, artistic and/or socio-economic life centered on a country or region other than the United States and in the contemporary period.

Beginning in Fall 2017, course options as published in the Berkeley Academic Guide Class Schedule include 5th semester, advanced language instruction options offered by a limited number of departments (3rd semester language instructions were accepted through Summer 2017 only). Language proficiency exams may not be used to satisfy International Studies.Additionally, this requirement may be satisfied by full participation in a study abroad program (see more below).

Philosophy and Values

Investigation of the intellectual and ethical motivations that inspire the record of humanity's social and cultural achievement and to ponder the types of questions that will enhance their ability to understand their heritage, their contemporaries, and themselves. Courses fulfilling this requirement include those with a major focus on religion, ethics, legal values, or leading philosophical figures.

Physical Science

A quantitative understanding of the physical universe, from its microscopic underpinnings to its large-scale structure and evolution. Courses that satisfy the Physical Science requirement teach students how to explain natural phenomena starting from first principles, using a combination of reason, experiment, and quantitative analysis.

Social and Behavioral Sciences

Analyze the determinants of human behavior, the dynamics of social interaction among human beings, and the complex political, economic, social, cultural, and psychological factors at play in societies. Courses meeting this requirement include courses in development studies, economics, political economy, history, legal studies, political science, sociology, social welfare, and many courses in anthropology, linguistics and psychology.

Passing Grade

C- or better or a Pass (P)

Grading Option

Letter graded or Pass/No Pass


All students must complete Seven-Course Breadth before graduation.

How to Satisfy Seven-Course Breadth

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High School Exam Score

Students admitted Fall 2018 and later

High school exam scores cannot be used to satisfy Seven-Course Breadth


Some A Level exams may be considered for breadth.Contact a Collegeadviser for an evaluation

Berkeley Courses

Complete oneapprovedcourse for each of the seven areas with aminimum grade of C- or P.To find course options for breadth, go to theBerkeley Academic Guide Class Schedule, select the term of interest, anduse the'Breadth Requirements'filter to select the breadth area(s) of interest. When selecting a course, keep the following in mind:

  • While some courses may satisfy more than one breadth area, in the end, a course may only be used for one of the approved areas.To satisfy the requirement, complete seven distinct courses, one for each breadth area.
  • Students may use up to two courses from any one academic department to satisfy Seven-Course Breadth.This limitation includes allsubject areas offered by the department, and if the course is cross-listed (indicated by a 'C' prefix), all the other department(s) offering the course as well.An exception to this limitation is courses offered by Letters and Science ('LS'). Students may complete as manyLS coursesas they wish for Seven-Course Breadth. This includes LS courses offered through theDiscoveryandBig Ideasprograms.
  • Courses fulfilling,American Culturesor requirements in the major program may also be applied to the Seven-Course Breadth requirement.
  • Exams, such asAdvanced Placement and International Baccalaureate exams, cannot be used to fulfill breadth requirements.

Courses taken prior to Fall 2016

Courses taken prior to Fall 2016can be verified for Seven-Course Breadth approval by viewingThe Archived Seven-Course Breadth List.

Fall program for First semester (FPF)

Fall Program for First Semester (FPF)Students can confirm Seven-Course Breadth options using the BerkeleyFall Program for First Semester website.

UCEAP Courses

UCEAP courses may be evaluated to fulfill Seven-Course Breadth. To request review of prospective courses in advance of enrolling in a program, please click the 'Evaluation of breadth courses' link on theBerkeley Study Abroad college advisingpage.

This samelinkalso lists previously approved UCEAP courses by country and program.

Study Abroad Program for International Studies Breadth

International Studies breadth may be satisfied by full participationin the UC and UC Berkeley sponsored programs for study abroad listed below. All the required courses for each program must be completed with a C-/P or better.

  • Global Edge
  • UC Berkeley Summer Abroad
  • UC Berkeley Global Internships(with the EXCEPTION of all U.S. Programs)

*If you complete all 5 courses of theIsland SustainabilityProgramwith a grade of C- or higher, you may use this program to satisfy International Studies breadth. Please contact L&S Office of Undergraduate Advising to update your APR.

Completion of study abroad programs sponsored by other accredited colleges and universities(for example,Budapest Semesters in Mathematics,CEA Study Abroad,Pitzer College Study Abroad) is also acceptable provided a student has obtained pre-approval from a College Adviser. Please note that not all programs may qualify and simply taking coursework abroad does not qualify. To be reviewed for pre-approval, make an appointment with an L&S College Adviser and be prepared with a link to the program you are considering.

Transfer Courses

All transfer courses must be completed with a grade of C- or better or the equivalent of a Passed (P) grade on the host campus in order to be considered for Seven-Course Breadth.

Students admitted with IGETC Certification or UC ReciprocitySeven-Course Breadth is satisfied. No additional course work is required.
California Community CollegeBerkeley students may pursue a pre-approved course for Seven-Course Breadth at a California Community College. To identify pre-approved courses for Seven-Course Breadth, see our Transfer Credit: California Community College page for step-by-step instructions.
Non-California Community CollegeTransfer courses from accredited higher education institutions (i.e. 2-year or 4-year campus in the U.S. ornon-UCEAP courses from abroad), must be reviewed and approved by L&S to satisfy Seven-Course Breadth.To be eligible for consideration, the minimum unit requirement for a course offered from a campus on the semester system is 3.0 units, and for courses offered from campuses on the quarter system, 4.0 units.See our Transfer Credit: Other Higher Education Institutionpage for step-by-step instructions.
Seven-Course Breadth | L&S Advising (2024)


Seven-Course Breadth | L&S Advising? ›

Breadth classes are any courses that are NOT business classes or requirements. They are college requirements for BBA students in addition to the University Gen Ed Requirements.

What is a breadth course? ›

Breadth classes are any courses that are NOT business classes or requirements. They are college requirements for BBA students in addition to the University Gen Ed Requirements.

Can you pass no pass breadths at Berkeley? ›

A passing grade will give you course credit, while a no pass will give you none. All major requirements must be taken for a letter grade (this includes the breadth requirements for some majors). Additionally, the number of P/NP units must be less than one-third of the total units completed at UC Berkeley.

What do breadth requirements mean? ›

The aim of breadth requirements is to help students gain knowledge and understanding across a broader range of disciplines; it enables them to develop insight, experience, and new ways of thinking in areas distinct from their main fields of study.

What are breadth courses at Berkeley? ›

Breadth Courses
  • Arts and Literature.
  • Biological Science.
  • Historical Studies.
  • International Studies.
  • Philosophy and Values.
  • Physical Science.
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences.
  • Electives.

What is a breadth elective? ›

The breadth requirement is part of most Bachelor of Arts degree programs. Its purpose is to allow you to engage in a variety of topics so you receive a well-rounded arts education.

What does gen-ed breadth mean? ›

You must meet the college breadth (general education) requirements in order to obtain a degree. The breadth requirements include the following general areas of study: English composition, natural sciences/math, humanities, social sciences, ethnicity, and foreign language.

What does breadth of study mean? ›

Breadth of learning refers to the full span of knowledge of a subject. Depth of learning refers to the extent to which specific topics are focused upon, amplified and explored. Within any area of study, there will be both breadth and depth of learning, which increase as students advance their knowledge.

What is the concept of breadth? ›

The breadth of something is the distance between its two sides. The breadth of the whole camp was 400 paces. [ + of] Synonyms: width, spread, beam, span More Synonyms of breadth.

What does the term breadth refer to? ›

: distance from side to side : width.

What is the breadth requirement UCLA? ›

The Technical Breadth Requirement (TBR) is a 12.0 unit requirement designed to provide a student with the opportunity to gain working knowledge in a technical area outside their major department. For example: students in the Bioengineering major cannot choose a technical breadth area (TBA) in Bioengineering.

What GPA do you need to graduate from Berkeley? ›

For graduation, students must earn a 2.0 minimum GPA (C average or higher) in all courses undertaken at UC. This includes grades from: Regular UC Berkeley coursework.

Does Berkeley look at weighted GPA? ›

Competitive UCs like Berkeley and UCLA look at fully weighted GPA, meaning that you get an extra grade point for every UC-approved Honors, AP, IB, and community college course you take from the end of freshman year to the start of senior year (domestic out-of-state applicants will only get extra grade point for AP, IB, ...

What are Edmentum courses? ›

Edmentum Courseware turns flexible learning into quality credits by helping 6th grade through adult learners realize their graduation goals and beyond, offering first-time credit, credit recovery, and expanded course access.

Do correspondence courses still exist? ›

Online correspondence courses are becoming the most popular way in which to conduct distance learning. All correspondence between instructor and students or between classmates is through e-mail, message boards, or virtual learning systems. Class materials are typically available to download or access online.

What does university breadth only mean? ›

Breadth = other subject courses you need to complete your degree(ex. Fine Arts, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, etc.) These are usually limited and there's a breadth list that tells you which count.

What is the breath of a subject? ›

A breadth subject is a subject from a different area of study to the degree that you are enrolled in.

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