General election 2024: How to follow the BBC's election coverage (2024)

General election 2024: How to follow the BBC's election coverage (1)General election 2024: How to follow the BBC's election coverage (2)ITV/Reuters

The BBC is hosting the final two UK-wide televised general-election debates, as campaigning continues ahead of polling day.

The first is a Question Time special with the leaders of the UK's four biggest political parties this Thursday, 20 June, with the other one a head-to-head debate between Rishi Sunak and Sir Keir Starmer on Wednesday, 26 June.

The programmes will be broadcast live on TV, radio and online as well as on iPlayer.

The general election takes place on 4 July.

How to watch the election debates

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The line-ups for the BBC's final two live leaders' election programmes are:

  • Question Time Leaders' Special (BBC): Thursday, 20 June, York - Fiona Bruce will present the show involving leaders of the four biggest political parties in the UK. Rishi Sunak, Sir Keir Starmer, John Swinney and Ed Davey will take questions for 30 minutes each. The programme is broadcast from 20:00-22:00
  • Head-to-head debate (BBC): Wednesday, 26 June, Nottingham - Mishal Husain will host the event involving Rishi Sunak and Keir Starmer. This is set to be the last leaders' TV debate of the election campaign and will be broadcast from 21:00-22:00

The BBC programmes will be broadcast on BBC One and on local radio across the country and will be available on BBC iPlayer.

They will also be available on the BBC News Channel in the UK and overseas.

And they will also be shown on the BBC News website as part of coverage in our live page, alongside analysis from BBC political correspondents and reaction.

You can rewatch the BBC's debate from 7 June, featuring the leaders of the seven biggest political parties in the UK, on iPlayer.

Additional dedicated debates are taking place for Wales and Northern Ireland. Still to come are:

  • Wales: Bethan Rhys Roberts will host the Wales Leaders’ Debate live from Central Square, BBC Wales’ broadcast hub in Cardiff, on Friday, 21 June, broadcast from 19:00-20:00
  • Northern Ireland: Tara Mills will moderate the Northern Ireland Leaders’ Debate on BBC One Northern Ireland on Thursday, 27 June, broadcast from 21:00-22:00

You can rewatch the Scotland Leaders Debate from 11 June on iPlayer.

Party leaders also facing BBC interviews

As well as the debates, the BBC has also invited the leaders of the seven biggest political parties to be interviewed by broadcaster Nick Robinson.

So far, four of the interviews have taken place and are available to watch back on iPlayer:

  • Rishi Sunak, Conservative Party
  • John Swinney, SNP
  • Rhun ap Iorwerth, Plaid Cymru
  • Sir Keir Starmer, Labour Party
  • Adrian Ramsay, Green Party

Coming up is an interview with:

  • Sir Ed Davey, Liberal Democrats, on Friday, 28 June at 20:30

Still to be confirmed is the interview with:

  • Nigel Farage, Reform UK

The interviews will be BBC Panorama specials and air on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

How to follow the general election on BBC News

BBC News has a wide range of content planned to guide you through the campaign, right up to election night on 4 July.

Whether you are in the UK or overseas, its comprehensive coverage will be available across every platform.


Follow all the election developments on the BBC News website and app.

Daily live pages will bring you the latest from the campaign trail and you can follow General election 2024 for simple explainers and in-depth analysis from BBC News political correspondents and experts.

There will also be full live coverage of all of the BBC TV debates.

International users can access all BBC News election content on

On election night, follow the full results as they come in.

And BBC News cameras and reporters across the country will feed live pages and video streams, so you will not miss a thing.

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Television and streaming

Laura Kuenssberg and Clive Myrie will host BBC News' election night coverage, along with BBC political editor Chris Mason and other experts.

The programme will be on BBC One in England, BBC Two in Wales and Northern Ireland, and the BBC News channel for audiences in Scotland and overseas.

Dedicated election results programmes on BBC One in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales will be presented by Martin Geissler, Mark Carruthers, and Nick Servini respectively, with Anne McAlpine hosting a Gaelic-language election round-up on BBC Alba.

You can also keep up to date with the campaign through the BBC News channel’s daily coverage and the Election 2024 livestream on BBC iPlayer.

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The BBC News flagship Newscast programme has been rebranded as Electioncast for the duration of the campaign.

Adam Fleming and the BBC News political team will provide a daily update on all things election.

On election night, they will also invite listeners to join their audience watch-along.

BBC Radio 4’s election-night coverage will be hosted by Rachel Burden and Nick Robinson.

For analysis, they will be joined by BBC News chief political correspondent Henry Zeffman.

Global audiences can follow events, with a mix of dedicated UK-election coverage and international news, through the BBC World Service.

General election 2024

General election 2024: How to follow the BBC's election coverage (2024)
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