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Clash Royale Royal Giant Guide - One Chilled Gamer (1)By Shrriyas B S

Royal Giant has been a long-standing, overpowered troop in Clash Royale. During his prime days, there were little to no ways to tackle the big man who moves steadily with a cannon in his hand. In this Clash Royale Guide, let us dive deep into the Evolution of the Royal Giant, as well as learn about his basics, counters, and some tips to master this gigantic beast.

Is Royal Giant good in Clash Royale?

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The time taken to eliminate the Royal Giant is what makes him overpowered. He contains extremely high health and deals unbelievable damage to towers. A swarm of troops, a building, or a troop that damages over time is a necessity to take down this beast. If left unnoticed, the Royal Giant could potentially take down a tower all by himself.

The Royal Giant costs 6 Elixir and also has an Evolution. With the Evolution, the Royal Giant has an even higher amount of health, and its special ability includes minor splash damage to nearby enemy troops while he shoots. This is great for taking care of any swarm troops that the enemy sends at you.

Best Royal Giant Decks in Clash Royale

Royal Giant requires a lot of support troops, to keep him chugging towards the towers. Due to his high elixir cost, cheap support troops are preferred so as to be prepared for an attack from the opposite lane. Hereby, the best Royal Giant decks have been listed below, some of which have been used by popular Clash Royale players:

  • Royal Giant, Mega Minion, Skeletons, Ice Spirit, Mega Minion, Barbarian Barrel, Fireball, Tornado.
  • Royal Giant, Archers, Mega Minion, Ice Spirit, Guards, Log, Furnace, Lightning.
  • Royal Giant, Baby Dragon, Mega Minion, Electro Wizard, Guards, Furnace, Fireball, Earthquake.
  • Royal Giant, Firecracker, Skeletons, Ice Wizard, Tornado, Bomb Tower, Log, Earthquake.
  • Royal Giant, Mother Witch, Phoenix, Fisherman, Royal Ghost, Goblins, Lightning, Log.

Royal Giant Evolution in Clash Royale

The Evo Royal Giant gains the ability to deal splash damage to troops around him and push them back at the same time. This triggers each time he shoots and refreshes with each alternate deployment of the troop.

This, coupled with a level 15-Royal Giant, can be close to unstoppable when ran in a cycle deck such as the 2.6 Hog Cycle. It damages the tower by a huge margin, and the time taken to take him down is seemingly endless. Check out our Royale Clash Evolution Guide for more details on making use of this feature.

How to Counter Royal Giant in Clash Royale

Due to his extensive health, the Royal Giant can only be taken down by a few methods, and they are:

  • High damage per second (DPS) troops – Troops with high DPS such as the Prince, P.E.K.K.A, or even the Mini P.E.K.K.A, can defeat the Royal Giant in a few hits. The Royal Giant might hit the tower once or twice, but you can make an aggressive counter push using these high DPS troops for a deadly strike.
  • Damage-over-time troops – Troops like the Inferno Dragon, Mighty Miner, and Inferno Tower can melt any troop in Clash Royale, and the Royal Giant is no exception. These troops might come in handy while climbing the leaderboards, as there are a number of players that have heavy cards in their decks.
  • Swarm troops – Swarm troops like the Skeleton Army, Goblin Gang, Minion Horde, and Barbarians can be used to take the Royal Giant down before he targets the tower. Though these troops are capable of taking him down as well as giving you a positive elixir trade, the opponent would likely have a card to tackle such situations. These situations are rather common, due to which this method is not highly recommended especially if your opponent has the Royal Giant Evolution.

Clash Royale Royal Giant Tips

In this final section of the Clash Royale Royal Giant guide, we shall go through a few tips & tricks to master this beast.

  • Extensive health – The Royal Giant’s large health bar allows him to stay alive for an extended period of time. This means that he can only be taken down swiftly by means of swarms, tanks, semi-tanks, or troops that deal higher damage over time. The Evo Royal Giant, however, eliminates any attempts of defense from swarms and also blocks ground units (that deal higher damage over time) from attacking him, thus forcing the troop to refresh its damage intensity.
  • Evo advantage – It is highly essential to employ the advantage given to Royal Giant to its finest. The Evo Royal Giant can be deadly to towers, and it backs itself against swarm troops as well. Keep using the Royal Giant in order to be able to deploy the Evo Royal Giant as many times as possible.
  • Back-up – The Royal Giant gets the upper hand when paired with the Inferno Dragon, or any other ranged troop that can support the Royal Giant from the back. In the case where the enemy uses an Inferno Tower to distract the Royal Giant, the use of Lightning or Freeze could be a game-changer. Make sure you always have sufficient backup troops for the Royal Giant.

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Clash Royale Royal Giant Guide - One Chilled Gamer (2024)


Is the Royal Giant good in clash royale? ›

The Royal Giant is a great counter to siege buildings such as the X-Bow and Mortar. Since he has decent range, high health, and only targets buildings, he can stand on your side while tanking the siege building and taking it out on his own.

What kills the giant in clash Royale? ›

One of the most effective counters to the Giant is the Inferno Tower, as it will both distract the Giant and eliminate it in seconds with its ramp up damage. However, Bats and Minions can divert the Inferno Tower's attention for several seconds.

What is the Royal Giant evolution card? ›

The Royal Giant Evolution is a Common card that is unlocked with 6 Evolution Shards. It spawns a Royal Giant with identical stats to the original. Every time he attacks, he will deal damage in a 2.5 tile radius around him, also knocking back enemy ground troops.

Who is ranked #1 in Clash Royale? ›

Top Global Players
1STK khazardy✨安之 威信:anzhicr62
2FlawLess ClariS64
3Friend✨安之 Хозяин Кланов63
4CHI Pompeyo4 Clanpeyo65
89 more rows

Which is the most powerful card in Clash Royale? ›

A Better Musketeer And A Better Knight For A Cheaper Cost

The Little Prince is without a doubt the best champion in Clash Royale, costing only three Elixir for basically a Musketeer and having an overpowered ability that can fully counter certain troops.

What destroys Pekka? ›

Despite this, if you don't support him, he can get easily countered with air troops such as Minions, Minion Horde or Mega Minion and multiple troops such as Skeletons, Skeleton Army, Tombstone, Goblin Gang, Guards or Barbarians. If you manage to support the P.E.K.K.A.

Is Sparky a woman? ›

The name "Sparky" is a masculine name of Middle English and Old Norse origins from the surname "Spark", meaning “lively”, “high-spirited”, “sprightly”, and “vivacious”. Despite it being a masculine name, Sparky has been confirmed to be female, according to her card description.

How much damage does Royal Giant do? ›

When he shoots his golden cannonballs, he deals area damage to the ground troops that surround him, and also pushes them away. The area of this damage is similar to the Royal Delivery, a bit bigger than a Fireball. It deals 81 damage at tournament level, just enough to kill Skeletons.

How much elixir is a Royal Giant? ›

Royal Giant is a 6-Elixir common troop card that is unlocked from the Royal Arena arena.

Is Mega Knight a legendary card? ›

Mega Knight is a 7-Elixir legendary troop card that is unlocked from the Electro Valley arena.

What are the highest level cards in Clash Royale? ›

Elite is the highest level that a card can reach. You could say it's the Max Level... but it doesn't sound as cool. When a card reaches Level 14, any extra cards of that type will be converted into Elite Wild Cards. You can use them on any Level 14 card to add progress towards Elite.

Who is the strongest champion in Clash Royale? ›

Check out which Champion cards should be in your deck!
  • 6 Monk.
  • 5 Skeleton King.
  • 4 Mighty Miner.
  • 3 Queen Archer.
  • 2 Golden Knight.
  • 1 Little Prince.
May 21, 2024

What is the best legendary troop in Clash Royale? ›

Pick your Legendary's according to what your deck needs!
  • 8 Bandit.
  • 7 Mega Knight.
  • 6 Graveyard.
  • 5 Ram Rider.
  • 4 Royal Ghost.
  • 3 Magic Archer.
  • 2 Miner.
  • 1 The Log.
May 31, 2024

What works well with Royal Giant? ›

Best Royal Giant decks
  • Skeleton King Royal Giant Mother Witch.
  • RG Electro Spirit cycle.
  • Little Prince Royal Giant Fireball.
  • RG eWiz Furnace Lightning beatdown.
  • RG eWiz Exe Lightning cycle.
  • Royal Giant Monk Phoenix Mother Witch.
  • RG double minions DartGob Pump.
  • Royal Giant Fisher.

What cards synergize with Royal Giant? ›

Royal Giant pairs well with cards like Fisherman and Hunter for effective synergy. Cards such as Bowler and Mother Witch offer strategic advantages against different threats. Players highlight the versatility of cards like Mini Pekka and Dart Goblin in Royal Giant decks.

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