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For most people I’ve known, it took them a lot of time to get the hang of how the Doordash rating system works and avoid being dumbfounded, every now and then.

And it’s understandable, to be honest, as there are a bit of complications with the whole thing.

For today’s article, however, I’ll be going through why your Doordash acceptance rate might not be going up and what to do about it.

Why is your Doordash Acceptance rate not going up?

There are a couple of reasons, which we’d cover in this section. Without much ado, let’s go over them…

You’re not actually accepting orders

Let’s start with the simplest explanation. This may not be the case for most people reading this article, but it’s worth mentioning (just in case).

Now, it should be mentioned that the Acceptance rate on Doordash is a percentage of deliveries a driver has accepted from a total of the last 100 delivery offers they’ve had.

Basically, DoorDash calculates this by dividing the total number of delivery offers accepted by the total number delivery a driver receives, then expresses it as a percentage. Note that this is only done for the last 100 deliveries.

(Accepted Deliveries / Last 100 Delivery Offers) * 100 = Acceptance Rate %

In other words, we can say if a person has a total of 80 deliveries accepted in their last 100 delivery offers, they should have an acceptance rate of 80%.

Hence, the whole thing is directly proportional to how many order requests are accepted.

Basically, if you reject more orders than you accept, your acceptance rate will keep going down or plateau.

You’re Miscalculating

So what if you’ve been accepting orders, but you still have your acceptance rate stuck, and not increasing?

Well, for most people, this is due to miscalculation.

As we saw in the last section, emphasis was made on the last 100 deliveries.

Basically, before your acceptance rate increases, you need to accept more orders than you’ve rejected in your last 100 deliveries.

The best way to explain this is using an illustration…

Let’s take, for instance, you’ve been doing Doordash for a while, and are a diligent driver, accepting every delivery request you get.

Assuming within this time, you accepted 90 deliveries out of 90 delivery offers, but along the way got advised by an “expert” to stop accepting every delivery offer.

Let’s say you took this advice and ended up not accepting the following 10 delivery offers you get. You’ll end up with a 90% acceptance rate, right?

Yes, and this is what this would look like in Doordash’s backend…

Why is your DoorDash Acceptance rate not Going up? The reason | ExileDriver (1)

So, what happens when you choose to improve your acceptance rate to maybe 100%?

Well as shown in the image above, you’ll need to replace the last 10 rejected delivery offers with 10 accepted ones.

But this can’t be done by simply accepting 10 more orders…

Why is your DoorDash Acceptance rate not Going up? The reason | ExileDriver (2)

You’ll still have your acceptance rate at a total of 90%.

At this point, most people would have begun complaining about their acceptance rate not going up, while in the real sense, it isn’t expected to go up.

As a matter of fact, for this illustration, you’ll need to accept a total of 100 subsequent delivery offers to eliminate the 10 rejected delivery offers in the past, and boost your acceptance rate to 100%.

This is because the initially rejected orders was in the last 10 deliveries of the total 100 delivery offers of your acceptance rate.

This is what it should look like now…

Why is your DoorDash Acceptance rate not Going up? The reason | ExileDriver (3)

Tl: dr Your acceptance rate on Doordash would not increase until all your rejected orders in the last delivery offers are progressively replaced by accepted ones.

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Technical issues

While this is rare, it’s also possible that the reason your acceptance rate is not increasing is due to technical issues with the platform. Yes, technical issues is still a problem for big companies like DoorDash.

It’s worth mentioning, however, that this would only be the case when you’re accepting more orders than you’ve rejected, and still face the issue of your acceptance rate not going up.

In a situation like this, it’s best to contact Doordash and hear out from them. Preferably, use the live chat feature on the app to get a faster response, and a faster fix, hopefully.

Again, this is most likely not the case with most people.

How to Increase Your Acceptance Rate on DoorDash

Unlike getting better customer ratings, increasing your acceptance rate is a far easier process.

As we said earlier, the acceptance rate is basically a percentage of delivery offers accepted over the last 100 deliveries.

In other words, for instance, if you want to have an acceptance rate of 80%, accept 80 deliveries out of the 100 delivery offers you get. Voila.

And if you want to get a 100% acceptance rate, accepting 100 out of 100 delivery offers does the magic.

Now, about the situation with the acceptance rate not going up, we already addressed this properly in the last section.

Basically, it’s a result of a miscalculation of how the rating system works.

If you want to pump your acceptance rate, just keep on accepting more orders.

While it might not seem like it’s increasing, it would sure do.

Final Thoughts

While we’ve explored a couple of reasons a driver’s acceptance rate might not be going up, the best course of action is to keep accepting more deliveries than you’ve rejected in your past 100 delivery offers.

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Why is your DoorDash Acceptance rate not Going up? The reason | ExileDriver (2024)
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