How To Fix DoorDash Acceptance Rate Glitch? - The Nature Hero (2024)

DoorDash is a food delivery app with over 300,000 restaurants in partnership.

Recently, dashers have been reporting a glitch in the acceptance rate causing a loss to them.

To resolve the DoorDash acceptance rate glitch, you must first contact DoorDash support and report your problem. If this doesn’t work, try accepting all the orders for a few days and wait for the rate to return to normal. As a last resort, you may deactivate your account and apply again.

In this article, we will discuss everything about the acceptance rate in DoorDash and the causes and fixes of the acceptance rate glitch.

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What Is DoorDash?

DoorDash is a food delivery service that allows customers to order food from local restaurants for delivery.

DoorDash has partnered with over 300,000 restaurants across the United States, Canada, Australia and Europe.

Customers can browse the DoorDash app or website to see participating restaurants in their area.

They can then place an order and deliver it directly to their door.

DoorDash uses independent contractors known as Dashers to pick up and deliver the food orders.

Dashers use their own vehicles to transport the food from restaurants to customers within a targeted time frame.

Dashers can log into the DoorDash driver app to view available delivery opportunities or “orders” in their area.

They can then choose to accept or decline each order that comes their way.

What Is The Acceptance Rate In DoorDash?

The acceptance rate is a key metric that DoorDash uses to measure how often a Dasher accepts the delivery opportunities that are offered to them through the app.

Every time a Dasher declines an order, it lowers their acceptance rate percentage.

DoorDash tracks each Dasher’s acceptance rate over their last 100 opportunities.

For example, if a Dasher accepted 80 out of the last 100 orders offered to them, their acceptance rate would be 80%.

Conversely, if they declined 20 orders, their rate would be 80%.

DoorDash prefers that Dashers maintain an acceptance rate of at least 80% to receive access to more lucrative delivery opportunities and bonuses.

How To Check Your Acceptance Rate In DoorDash?

Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can check your DoorDash acceptance rate:

  1. Open the DoorDash Driver App.
  2. Tap the menu button in the top left corner (three lines).
  3. Select “Dasher Stats”.
  4. Under the “On-Time” section you will see your acceptance rate percentage based on your last 100 opportunities.
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  1. Tap “Acceptance Rate” for more details on your current and past percentages.

Advantages Of Maintaining A High Acceptance Rate In DoorDash

Here are some of the perks of maintaining a high acceptance rate in DoorDash:

  • Access to “Top Dasher” perks like scheduling flexibility and priority access to orders during busy times.
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  • Eligibility for challenges and bonuses that require 80%+ acceptance.
  • Better orders are often given to Dashers with high acceptance to improve customer experience.
  • Maintaining a high acceptance rate shows DoorDash you are a reliable Dasher willing to accept most orders.
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Disadvantages Of A Low Acceptance Rate In DoorDash

If you have a low acceptance rate, these are the consequences you will face:

  • Ineligibility for Top Dasher program benefits and bonuses.
  • May receive less attractive, low-paying orders first since you decline more often.
  • It can cause frustration from constantly declining orders and missing out on opportunities.

What Is The Acceptance Rate Glitch?

In 2023, many Dashers began reporting an issue where their acceptance rates were incorrectly calculated and displayed in the app.

In some cases, Dashers said their acceptance rates had suddenly dropped 20% or more overnight without changing their actual acceptance behavior.

This came to be known as the “acceptance rate glitch.”

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Some theories about what was causing it included:

  • A bug in DoorDash’s backend software for tracking acceptance data
  • Inclusion of invalid or duplicate order opportunities in Dashers’ rolling 100-order samples
  • A deliberate change by DoorDash to more strictly enforce acceptance rates

Regardless of the root cause, the glitch created major problems for Dashers who relied on their acceptance rates for perks and bonuses.

Some saw their Top Dasher status revoked overnight due to the erroneous data.

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How To Resolve The DoorDash Acceptance Rate Glitch?

For Dashers affected by the glitch, there were a few steps they could try:

  1. Contact DoorDash Support: If it suddenly dropped, explain the issue provide screenshots of your acceptance rate history and request them to investigate.
  2. Accept Every Single Order For A While: Flood your last 100 opportunities with as many accepts as possible to counteract the invalid declines added by the glitch.
  3. Wait It Out: In some cases, Dashers saw their rates return to normal levels after waiting a few days or weeks for the glitched data to roll off their 100-order sample.
  4. Multi-app With Other Services: Sign up for Uber Eats, Grubhub etc. to have fallback income while resolving the DoorDash glitch.
  5. Consider Deactivating And Reapplying: As a last resort, some Dashers deactivated their accounts fully and then reapplied in hopes it would reset their acceptance data.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, the DoorDash acceptance rate glitch created significant problems for many Dashers in 2023 by incorrectly penalizing their access to perks and bonuses.

While the root cause remains unclear, Dashers could try contacting support or counteracting the glitch through dedicated accepting to resolve it eventually.

Maintaining a high acceptance rate normally provides advantages, but glitches highlight the risks Dashers take relying on one metric.

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How To Fix DoorDash Acceptance Rate Glitch? - The Nature Hero (2024)
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