How DoorDash Ratings Work For Drivers & Customers In %currentyear (2024)

Key Takeaways

  • Customers rate DoorDash drivers; 4.2 minimum rating required.
  • Ratings based on last 100 deliveries, include timeliness and order completion.
  • Poor ratings risk deactivation; appeal process available for disputes.
  • Maintain high rating through prompt delivery and good communication.

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  • What Are DoorDash Customer Ratings?
  • How DoorDash Ratings Are Calculated for Dashers
  • How to Check Your DoorDash Customer Ratings
  • Benefits and Consequences of Good and Bad Ratings
  • Can You Fight DoorDash Customer Ratings?
  • How to Maintain a Good DoorDash Rating
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • What to Know About DoorDash Ratings

What Are DoorDash Customer Ratings?

DoorDash customer ratings reflect the performance of a food delivery driver. Customers rate drivers on a scale of 1 to 5, with the rating being based on the most recent 100 deliveries.

Once a customer receives their order, they can rate their Dasher using the DoorDash app. Ratings represent the quality of the delivery service, not the food itself.

This allows new Dashers to improve their scores by gaining experience and enhancing their customer service.

When Do You Get DoorDash Customer Ratings?

Customers typically leave a rating soon after their food is delivered. They receive a prompt to leave feedback about 15 minutes after receiving their order. However, sometimes, a customer may take several hours or days before leaving a rating for a DoorDash Dasher.

How DoorDash Ratings Are Calculated for Dashers

DoorDash gives customers four different ratings, and all figure into the contract driver’s performance and customer service.

Four different factors contribute to a Dasher’s overall rating:

Customer Rating: This is an average of the 100 most recent ratings. Dashers must maintain at least a 4.2 rating to remain on the platform.

On-Time/Early Ratings: This measures how often orders are delivered on time or early from the last 100 deliveries.

Completion Rate: The percentage of deliveries completed from the last 100 orders.

Acceptance Rate: The percentage of orders a Dasher accepts.

1. Customer Rating

DoorDash customers give their delivery drivers a star rating between one and five stars, with five stars being the highest score.

This rating rating deals only with the delivery service and doesn’t address the flavor or quality of the food. This ensures that DoorDash delivery drivers provide consistently good service, keeping customers coming back.

A dasher’s customer rating is the average of the 100 most recent ratings. DoorDash contract delivery drivers must maintain a customer rating of 4.2 or higher, or they can be deactivated from the platform.

2. On-Time/Early DoorDash Ratings

Next comes the on-time/early DoorDash rating. This takes into account the number of orders delivered on time or early out of the most recent 100 orders that a Dasher has delivered.

While there’s no minimum required for this rating, customers are more likely to award four or five stars to dashers who deliver their food orders on time or earlier than expected.

The on-time/early rate excludes orders that are late because of wait times at restaurants for pickups or due to issues with the DoorDash app, which makes this fair to delivery drivers.

These delays are well understood, so drivers are always encouraged to drive safely on the way to drop-offs.

3. Completion Rate

A DoorDash delivery driver’s completion rate is the percentage of deliveries completed out of the most recent 100 orders.

If a customer cancels an order, it does not count against the dasher, and there is no minimumDoorDash completion raterequired to stay on the platform.

4. Acceptance Rate

A dasher’s acceptance rate is the percentage of orders accepted. There is no minimum required for delivery drivers to remain active on the DoorDash app.

However, those DoorDash drivers who accept more orders tend to have higher customer ratings because they have a greater volume of orders flowing into the calculation.

There is a Minimum Rating Requirement

The minimum DoorDash customer ratingthat a delivery driver needs to maintain to stay active on the platform is 4.2 out of 5 points.

Any Dashers whose consumer rating falls below 4.2 or whose delivery completion rate dips below 80 percent may get deactivated from the DoorDash platform once they’ve completed at least 20 orders.

How to Check Your DoorDash Customer Ratings

How DoorDash Ratings Work For Drivers & Customers In %currentyear (1)

Dashers can view their ratings on the DoorDash app. To do this:

  1. Open up the DoorDash driver app on your smartphone or iPad device
  2. Now, click the “Review” or “Ratings” option
  3. View the customer feedback and detailed figures about your delivery statistics
  4. Check out tips from other Dashers and certain customer feedback information to improve your customer ratings in the future

Only Dashers and DoorDash can view individual ratings. While you can’t see specific feedback from individual customers, you can see a breakdown of positive and negative ratings in your dashboard.

Benefits and Consequences of Good and Bad Ratings

Dashers with high ratings can continue providing service and may qualify for the Top Dasher Program, which offers perks like the Dash Now button and priority access to high-value orders.

On the contrary, Dashers with a rating below 4.2 or a completion rate below 80% risk deactivation. Excessive late deliveries or engagement in unsafe practices can also lead to deactivation.

Can You Fight DoorDash Customer Ratings?

If you believe a rating is unfair, you can contact DoorDash customer service or human resources. If poor ratings lead to account deactivation, you can appeal the decision.

How to Fight Unfair DoorDash Ratings

If you also received poor ratings that led your account to become deactivated, then you can appeal the process.

You’ll want to add photography or video to make your appeal more successful. Complete the appeal form as soon as you can while you still remember everything.

There may be times when you disagree with customer feedback or another rating about your DoorDash delivery service.

When that happens, you can contact the company to provide feedback and attempt to resolve the issue.

To contact DoorDash via live chat:

  • Visit
  • Click on “Dasher Support.”
  • Click on the “Chat with Us” link.
  • Input your information and problem category, and hit the “Start Chatting” button.

To contact DoorDash by phone, call (855) 431-0459. This number is available 24/7.

How to Maintain a Good DoorDash Rating

Maintaining a high DoorDash rating is vital for Dashers aiming for the Top Dasher program and to stay on the platform.

To ensure a good rating, drivers should be genuinely friendly, deliver on time, or even early, and aim to accept as many orders as possible. Clear communication with customers, especially during delays, can enhance the delivery experience.

Dashers should strictly adhere to delivery instructions, handle food orders with care to prevent damage, and always double-check the order’s accuracy against the Dasher app, seeking assistance from restaurant staff when bags are sealed.

See our How to Get Higher DoorDash Ratings post for even more ways to maintain a good DoorDash rating.

Excellent time management is the key to a good on-time/early rating. Do not accept more orders simultaneously than you know you can handle.

Also, get to the restaurant on time and head straight to the customer’s home to drop off their order.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Average DoorDash Rating?

Most DoorDash delivery drivers have ratings around 4.7 or higher. To increase your rating, continue to deliver on time and ensure customer satisfaction with each order.

Can DoorDash Driver See Who Rated Them?

DoorDash drivers can’t see which ratings came from individual customers.

However, if drivers check their customer ratings frequently, they can usually determine the orders from which their ratings came.

Knowing which orders produced high ratings can help improve a DoorDash driver’s customer service, but the company doesn’t provide direct feedback from customers.

Do DoorDash Drivers Rate Customers?

DoorDash drivers cannot rate their customers. However, if you have a complaint about a customer, you can reach out to Dasher support to notify them of the issue.

What to Know About DoorDash Ratings

DoorDash ratings are essential to your success as a DoorDash Dasher. While one DoorDash review from a customer won’t make or break your reputation as a delivery driver, a few of them could put you on the deactivation list.

Make customers happy by staying in contact with them, showing up on time, and delivering their orders with care. Make DoorDash happy by accepting orders, arriving early, and proving that customer service is your priority.

Want to deliver more to keep boosting your score? Learn how to get more DoorDash orders.

How DoorDash Ratings Work For Drivers & Customers In %currentyear (2024)
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