Doordash Acceptance Rate - Updated for 2024 (2024)

If you are new to being a Doordash driver, you may be wondering what the Doordash acceptance rate is and if it matters. This is just one more area that Doordash rates its drivers in when it comes to how they work.

If you are a Doordash driver, it is important for you to understand Doordash’s rating system and how it affects you. To find out more about the acceptance rate and how it affects you and your work, keep reading.

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What is Doordash Acceptance Rate?

The Doordash acceptance rate is the percentage of deliveries that you accept out of 100 orders on Doordash. How many orders you accept within this time frame is what affects and creates your acceptance rate on the Doordash app for drivers.

The more orders you accept out of those 100 orders, the better your acceptance rating is going to be. It is added up according to how many orders you accept and decline.

This works much like how the other ratings on Doordash work, as how you manage your orders affects your ratings. Resulting in different percentages that Doordash can see to find out how you are doing as a driver.

As far as Doordash ratings are concerned, your acceptance rating is not the most important thing to worry about. This is just a rating that helps Doordash to see how many orders you generally accept.

It is not nearly as important as some other ratings that Doordash gives its drivers. This is good news since many drivers like to be choosy about the orders that they accept.

As a dasher, you have to be careful about what orders you decide to accept if you want to make the most money. This is because some orders are more profitable while others can actually take away from your earnings.

That is why the acceptance rate isn’t something to be too concerned about as a Doordash driver.

Does Doordash Acceptance Rate Matter?

The answer to whether or not Doordash’s acceptance rating really matters is a complicated one. In a way, it does matter, but it also isn’t as important as you may think.

Drivers will not be penalized for a low acceptance rate, this is because drivers are allowed to take on as many orders as they choose. Doordash does not require a certain amount of orders or force its drivers to accept more.

As a dasher, you have the freedom to choose the orders that you wish to accept or decline. A low acceptance score will not affect your ability to receive more orders. You will still continue to get order notifications that you can accept or decline.

The one reason why acceptance ratings may matter is that they can affect your ability to become a Top Dasher. This is a valuable position that gives you access to the best job locations, peak pay, and more profitable orders.

Top Dashers generally have a very high acceptance rating and take on more orders than they reject. This helps them to move up to the position of Top Dasher where they can earn more money.

If you want to become a Top Dasher, you may want to work on your acceptance rating to get it to be relatively high. If you don’t care to become a Top Dasher, your acceptance rating will not affect the work you get at all.

Can Customers See My Acceptance Rate?

Doordash Acceptance Rate - Updated for 2024 (1)

Customers on Doordash do not have access to drivers’ ratings and cannot view them from their side of the app. This is because these ratings are not there for the customer but rather for Doordash.

This is Doordash’s way of keeping track of its drivers and tracking their progress and weak points. It uses the acceptance rate to find out what drivers are Top Dasher material.

Unlike other ratings for drivers, the acceptance rating is not nearly as important and isn’t something to worry over. It will not affect your ability to get more orders or work for Doordash.

You also don’t need to worry about customers seeing these ratings as they do not have access to any dasher ratings. Only you and Doordash can see these scores on your profile.

Can Doordash Fire Me Over Acceptance Ratings?

Unlike other Doordash ratings, the acceptance rate does not determine your ability to be a Doordash driver. So you do not have to worry about being fired over a low acceptance rating.

This rating is merely there to track your acceptance and rejection percentages, not to decide whether or not you are a good dasher.

Generally, as long as you maintain a 4.2 average customer rating and 80% completion rating, you should be safe. If either of these scores drop, Doordash would have the grounds to deactivate your account.

Your acceptance rating is one of the least important ratings as it does not directly show your abilities as a driver. Doordash understands that some drivers prefer to work less or are pickier about the orders that they accept.

Find out if you are allowed to make multiple accounts and if drivers get free delivery.

What is a Good Acceptance Rate on Doordash?

Doordash Acceptance Rate - Updated for 2024 (2)

If the acceptance rating on Doordash is something that you do want to maintain, a good rating is 70% or higher. Having this kind of acceptance rate will put you in the position of potentially becoming a Top Dasher.

But there is no minimum for acceptance ratings since they are not seen as being as important as other ratings on Doordash.

Many drivers tend to have a 40% to 50% acceptance rating if they only go for the most profitable orders. This is ideal if your goal is to not become a Top Dasher.

Overall, it really comes down to your personal decision on whether or not your acceptance rate is a priority. Doordash will not fire you if it drops too low, but you must maintain it if you wish to become a Top Dasher.

It really just depends on your goals as a dasher and how you want to work. Most drivers prefer the freedom of being able to accept and reject orders as they please.

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What Does Doordash Acceptance Rate Mean?

Your Doordash acceptance rating is the percentage of orders that you accept within the most recent 100 orders sent to you. This tracks your general decision on whether to accept or decline these orders that are sent to you.

This rating is not very important and is not considered to be as vital as other Doordash ratings. It does not directly reflect your abilities as a driver, so it will not affect your workload or your ability to dash.

Doordash simply uses this to track the level of accepted orders from its drivers as well as the drivers that are eligible to become Top Dashers. In order to become a Top Dasher, you must maintain a 70% acceptance rating or higher.

As far as Doordash’s ratings go, this is one of the least important ones to worry about. There is no minimum percentage that you must maintain and Doordash will not fire you for a low acceptance score.

You have the freedom to accept and decline Doordash orders as you wish to as long as you do not want to become a Top Dasher. A low acceptance rating will not affect the orders you are sent or whether or not you can be a dasher.

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Doordash Acceptance Rate - Updated for 2024 (2024)
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