DoorDash Acceptance Rate - Does It Matter For Your Earnings (2024)

DoorDash is a leading food delivery service that operates in the U.S., Canada, and Australia. If you’re a DoorDash driver, or “Dasher,” one of the performance indicators for Dashers is the acceptance rate.

The acceptance rate in DoorDash is simply how many orders you choose to take compared to how many the app offers you. So, if you get 10 order offers and pick up 8, your DoorDash acceptance rate would be 80%. The app keeps track of this number based on your most recent 100 orders.

Now, does acceptance rate matter for DoorDash? Is there a bottom line number you’ve got to keep to avoid getting kicked off the platform or facing penalties? And how does your acceptance rate affect how much you can earn or the kinds of delivery opportunities you get? these are questions all Dashers have in mind and we will tackle them in this article.

In short, your DoorDash acceptance rate isn’t the end-all-be-all. It does not matter for most Dashers as DoorDash does not have any minimum criteria for Dashing but might matter for things like the Top Dasher program.

There are some claims that a higher acceptance rate can get you higher-paying orders (priority orders) in this gig economy hustle. Whether these things are true or not, this article will cover all things related to the acceptance rate in detail based on Dasher’s experience.

So, let’s get started!

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What Is DoorDash Acceptance Rate

DoorDash acceptance rate is a percentage that shows how many delivery orders you say “yes” to out of all the orders you’re offered.

Calculated over a period (often a month or mostly the last 100 orders), if DoorDash offers you 80 orders and you take 64, your acceptance rate would be 80%.

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Does Acceptance Rate Matters?

In my opinion, your DoorDash acceptance rate isn’t the ultimate deciding factor for your success on the platform. While DoorDash doesn’t impose a minimum acceptance rate for general drivers, maintaining a higher rate could be advantageous for exclusive perks like qualifying for the Top Dasher program.

Different Dashers have varied perspectives on this. For instance, one Reddit user says, “I have a high acceptance rate because I don’t mind driving long distances or taking low-paying orders. I like the flexibility and the variety of the job and eventually, it averages out.”

Others, however, are more selective. Another Reddit user states, “I have a low acceptance rate because I only take orders that make sense for me. I don’t want to waste my gas, time, or energy on orders that are too far, too low, or too risky.”

As the question “Does acceptance rate matter on DoorDash?” gets asked a lot, there are many opinions.

For most people in busy markets, where people can Dash anytime due to the abundance of orders, there is no need to fret about the higher acceptance rate and you can optimize your earnings by cherry-picking the best orders.

But in not-so-busy markets or markets with high competition, the top Dasher program can be Dasher’s biggest ally. And to qualify for the Top Dasher program you need an acceptance rate higher than 70%.

On the other hand, if you want to keep an eye on, keep it on completion rate which is very important for your DoorDash gig.

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What is Top Dasher Program

Top Dasher program is an exclusive club DoorDash has set up. You need to have a pretty stellar DoorDash driver rating, complete almost all your orders, and yes, maintain a higher acceptance rate.

The specific requirements often include:

  • A customer rating of at least 4.7
  • Completion rate of 95%
  • An acceptance rate of at least 70%
  • And at least 100 completed orders.

A Reddit user who maintains a high acceptance rate said, “I also qualified for the Top Dasher program, which is awesome. I can dash anytime I want, and I get more orders than before. I also get more tips and ratings from happy customers.”

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Being a Top Dasher has perks:

  1. Dash Anytime: You can work whenever even when it’s slow.
  2. More Orders: You get first dibs on orders over other drivers, which means you could earn more money and tips.
  3. Recognition: You get a special badge that shows you’re a Top Dasher, helping you stand out to customers and restaurants.

But not everyone cares about being a Top Dasher.

As the Reddit user with a low acceptance rate pointed out, “I also don’t care about the Top Dasher program, because I don’t think it’s worth it. I can still make good money and have a good schedule without it.”

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Positives of High Acceptance Rate & How to Increase Acceptance Rate

The obvious benefit we discussed earlier is being a top dasher and getting dibs on better order (according to DoorDash), as Reddit user said, “I’ve been a Top Dasher for 3 months now and I love it. I can dash anytime I want, without having to worry about scheduling or waiting. Also get more and better offers, especially during peak hours. I make more money and get more tips. It’s totally worth it.”

But not everyone agrees. Reddit user points out, “I don’t care about acceptance rate or Top Dasher status. I only accept orders that pay well and are close by. I don’t want to waste my time and gas on low-ball offers or long drives. Still make good money and have happy customers. It’s all about working smart, not hard.”

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Impact on Customer Satisfaction

One angle to consider is customer satisfaction and retention. A Quora user explains, “Acceptance rate is important for customer satisfaction and retention, because it affects the delivery time and quality of the food.”

However, in busy markets with plenty of Dashers, this may be less of a concern. Your individual acceptance rate might not dramatically impact how fast or accurately a customer gets their food, as there’s likely another Dasher ready to grab the order you decline.

Studies indicate that keeping customers happy can increase business profits significantly. But remember, in a bustling market with lots of Dashers and orders flying around, whether you accept or decline an individual order might not make a huge dent in customer satisfaction or DoorDash’s overall profitability.

So, when we talk about DoorDash acceptance rate, it’s not a one-size-fits-all issue. For some, keeping a high acceptance rate is a strategic move to qualify for the Top Dasher program and its perks in slow markets with no orders.

For others, especially in busy markets where orders are plentiful, maintaining a high acceptance rate might not hold as much weight.

It’s all about what aligns with your individual goals and your market’s characteristics.

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The Cost of High Accepting Rate

One major downside of maintaining a high Doordash acceptance rate is that you might find yourself stuck with orders that don’t pay well or send you off to far-off places.

These kinds of orders can not only hurt your DoorDash earnings but also pile up costs like gas and wear and tear on your vehicle.

Many drivers report orders paying as low as $2 or $3 or needing them to drive 10 to 15 miles. So, maintaining a high acceptance rate could mean you’re losing more than you’re gaining.

Here is what one Dasher has to say, “I decline anything under $5 or anything over 10 miles unless it’s a really slow day or the payout is really good. I also decline anything from Walmart, Popeyes, or any restaurant that I know is slow or rude.”

Drivers on platforms like Reddit and Quora share that they avoid orders that don’t make sense for them financially, for their time, or for their peace of mind.

Though some of the cost can be claimed back while filing taxes you need to keep your records as DoorDash does not track your mileage.

Stress and Frustration

Another issue with a high Doordash acceptance rate is that you may find yourself dealing with difficult customers or tricky situations.

You are in contact pressure to deliver orders on time without any breaks in between. Plus if most orders are low-paying it adds to the frustration.

An increased number of order deliveries also increases statistical chances of encountering more rude customers, an unfriendly restaurant, or even a traffic jam. These factors could lead to stress, impacting your mood and overall work experience.

So, keeping your Doordash acceptance rate super high might mean you’re sacrificing your own well-being.

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How to Reset Acceptance Rate Doordash: Judiciously Declining Orders

You may be wondering if your DoorDash acceptance rate ever resets.

While it doesn’t automatically reset, your acceptance rate is a rolling average, meaning it will naturally change as you accept or decline new orders. There’s no need to contact DoorDash support to reset it.

Maintaining a high acceptance rate could also mean you’re missing out on better opportunities. You might accept a low-paying order only to find out later that there was a more lucrative one you could’ve taken.

For those looking to “reset” their acceptance rate, consider these strategies:

  • Avoid Peak Hours: To dodge low-pay orders.
  • Choose Busy Areas: To get a higher chance of profitable orders.
  • Use the Dash Now Feature: To work in any available zone.
  • Be Selective: Choose orders wisely to maximize earnings and customer satisfaction.

By employing these strategies, you can manage your Doordash acceptance rate in a way that’s most beneficial for you, without fearing the negative impacts of Doordash ratings or missing out on Doordash priority delivery.

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Some Grey Areas About Acceptance Rate

It is a fact that DoorDash doesn’t have a minimum acceptance rate requirement in order for you to Dash. You’re totally free to pass on any order that doesn’t look right to you for whatever reason.

This won’t harm your standing with DoorDash or limit your access to the platform.

As per DoorDash’s FAQ, declining orders regularly might make things tough for other Dashers who then have to pick up the slack.

But will your DoorDash acceptance rate lead to deactivation? Nope, not unless you consistently get bad ratings, are often late, or frequently cancel orders.

But there are some things that are not written in stone, like:

Acceptance Rate Affects Order Frequency or Quality

Does your acceptance rate matter when it comes to the frequency or quality of your orders?

The answer is not sure. DoorDash officially doesn’t give priority deliveries based on acceptance rates, except in the case of Top Dashers (that many Dashers usually dispute, as according to them Top Dasher program is DoorDash’s strategy to force Dasher to accept low-paying orders in order to maintain >70% acceptance rate and I agree for the most part).

Numerous factors like location, time, and even your own preferences play into the kinds of orders you’ll get.

On Reddit and other forums, some Dashers have claimed that a higher acceptance rate (more than 50%) landed them better orders.

But take that with a grain of salt. Many say they actually make more money when their acceptance rate is lower, as they’re more picky about the jobs they accept.

For instance, a Dasher named BlimpNerd on Reddit said, “I never did the reset and I noticed no change in my earnings. You probably just experienced some kind of placebo effect.” Another user, Brilliant-Outcome11, advised, “Only accept orders that you believe are worth your time.”

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Final Words On Acceptance Rate

DoorDash itself says a low acceptance rate won’t get you kicked off the platform. However, keeping that rate high “might” come with some perks. For instance, you could become a Top Dasher or get first dibs on those juicy, high-paying orders, what DoorDash calls ‘priority delivery.’

Threads on Reddit and Quora feature DoorDash drivers talking about this very point. Some folks argue that being choosy with your orders – considering distance, time involved, tips, and even the current demand, helps you maximize your earnings.

On the flip side, some drivers go for quantity over quality. They accept more orders, boosting their chances of getting tips and bonuses. It’s kind of like casting a wider net to catch more fish, but it comes with higher gas and maintenance costs.

Finally, It all boils down to what you want from your DoorDash experience. Are you gunning for flexibility and maximum profits? Or is it a steady, predictable income without debating and calculating before taking each order that you’re after? There’s no one-size-fits-all answer.

So, don’t sweat your DoorDash acceptance rate too much; focus on what truly matters, like keeping that DoorDash driver rating up and earning more money, whether that comes from cherry-picking orders or becoming Top Dasher (My advice – Test both strategies yourself and find out because each market is different and no one else will let you in on their secrets in a completive market).

If you haven’t yet started here is how to DoorDash for the first time!

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